Alesandra Nicole Supports Jesse Jackson for President

Alesandra Nicole

Here’s something we ought to be bringing you from time to time: The work of an interesting dude named Igor (or Nate) who blogs at He plays in a punk band, works as a freelance photographer and party photographer, and puts a lot of effort into keeping his site going — but most importantly, for our purposes, he takes a lot of naughty pictures of models and porn stars. He’s been doing it for years, often in bathrooms of rock clubs and dive bars while a party rages on the other side of the door.

The girl here, not to be discounted in any way, is Alesandra Nicole, an up and coming alternative model you may recognize from the September 2011 cover of Inked magazine. We probably ought to have her back on the site as well. For now enjoy these shots taken by Igor in Alesandra’s apartment featuring Bon Jovi and Jesse Jackson T-shirts from the photographer’s own collection.