Wednesday Wasabi: Aki Hoshino, Heeeeey Batta Batta

Aki HoshinoWhat does spring mean for sports fans? Baseball! And where in the eastern hemisphere do they like baseball? Japan!

Japanese baseball is hardly our strong suit — we barely know our Sadaharu Oh from our Ichiro Suzuki. But you don’t need to know a ball from a bunt to enjoy this somewhat famous clip:

That young lady is a model named Aki Hoshino, who is extremely popular in Japan for at least two reasons we can think of.

We’d like to see her do more in that baseball outfit, but we doubt our requests will ever reach her ears. Here she is in her more natural element, a swimsuit:

Here she is in a few different outfits that are, inevitably, discarded so that she may show us her lingerie:

And here she is in some freaky Japanese getup that looks to us like lingerie worn overtop of a swimsuit:

Yeah, snicker today, next week your girlfriend will be wearing it.

So we could only find one baseball-related picture of her, and it’s not great. Although it ain’t bad either:

Aki Hoshino

But we do think you will enjoy these many other wonderful photos of Aki. Play ball?