Wednesday Wasabi: Back to Freaky Freak School With Ai Shinozaki

Ai ShinozakiIt’s back to school time! And you know what that means in Japan — time for grown men to perv out over girls in sailor suits!

(Note: It is back to school time here in the US. I don’t know when school starts in Japan, or even whether the school system over there has anything like a summer vacation. Probably doesn’t. That’s why they’re eating our lunch in the fields of electronics, automobiles and submuscular breast augmentation.)

But this sailor suit thing — huh? Is it really what it would seem to be? This Wikipedia entry on uniform fetishes covers the burusera and smells of bullshit to me. “A schoolgirl fetish is essentially a clothing fetish, not a sexual preference for schoolgirls: the sexual arousal lies in a person of the fetishist’s sexual preference (i.e. an adult woman) in the school uniform. This difference is subtle but important, as it means that the majority of people with this fetish would not be sexually attracted to a genuine schoolgirl because the person in the uniform does not fit with their sexual preference (this is more closely linked with paedophilia or ephebophilia).”

Hmm, defensive much?

But in the spirit of getting back to school, we’ll go on a journey that begins with this schoolgirl thing (kilt, not sailor suit) just for the sake of cultural accuracy. Fortunately for all of us this girl, Ai Shinozaki, quickly reveals a very mature physique and then gets to the freaky stuff. Velcro your Trapper Keeper, it’s going to be a bumpy study hall.