Ai Sayama Is Not Going to Take This Lying Down #WednesdayWasabi

Ai SayamaOr is she?

We don’t really know… Ai Sayama is a Japanese porn star who has most definitely “taken it” (wink, wink, nudge nudge) in any number of ways, probably including lying down, standing up, head-to-toe, side-by-side, and the strange Japanese porn move known as the Hello Kitty.

(Actually we made that up — but if there isn’t a move in Japanese porn called the Hello Kitty there damn well ought to be.)

Ai Sayama has a blog, but it’s of no help at all — it’s called “Restaurant” and seems to be about her impulsive need to flash the peace sign while wearing everyday, non-porny clothing. In other words, it’s just like any other Japanese porn star blog. Seriously, do not even bother clicking on it.

But when we saw her, we thought this mysterious Ai Sayama was just the sort of hot imported action a gaijun like you needs today, and admit it — we were right.


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