Advisory: Jaime Edmondson Loves to Motorboat, Play Grab-Ass

As one of the girls living at the Bunny House across the street from the Mansion, Jaime Edmondson’s a true insider into the Playboy life. We know you want the dirt, so check out her weekly updates, pics and videos. —TSJ Staff

Hot Playmates

Girls night included our version of the Playmate Fist Pump.

Sexy Playmates

Girls night out in Chicago at Enclave Nightclub with Kara Monaco, Tiffany Selby, Valerie Mason and Heather Rae Young

Playmate Signing

Heather Rae Young and I attended Glamourcon in Chicago. Our booth was rockin’. If you see anything you like, you can buy it from my website at

Playboy Girls

Who wants to play a game? Can you match the Playmate with her month in this sexy photo. Hint: All the bunnies are from 2010!

Midsummer Night's Dream Party

Whoever started that rumor that more than a handful is a waste has never had the pleasure of a handful of Miss Febuary 2010 Heather Rae Young’s ass.

Midsummer Night's Dream Motorboat

I first heard about “motorboating” in one of my favorite movies Wedding Crashers. Deanna Brooks was a very willing victim ;)

Midsummer Night's Playboy Party

Playboy photographer Stephen Wayda shot my Playmate of the Month Centerfold…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next year he will be shooting me again for PMOY–first redhead in 40 years!!!!

Hef Stoli Poster

Best family portrait ever taken…I would say frame-worthy!

Playboy Bunnies

I love wearing the iconic Bunny suit, even if it does take three people to fit me inside it. But once it’s on, I feel like a real woman!

Jaime Edmondson

Talk about a breakfast of champions…except I actually ate this for dinner! They keep all the Bunnies well-fed and happy at the Mansion :)

Jaime Edmondson is January 2010’s Playmate of the Month, as well as a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and reality TV contestant on The Amazing Race.