Adult Star Nyomi Banxxx, Duke Fan, Wants You in her NCAA Pool

Nyomi Banxxx

Want to match your March Madness wits against a porn star? Nyomi Banxxx, 2011 Urban X Performer of the Year, has set up an NCAA Tournament pool and you’re invited.

It costs you a little money, which goes to charity. And if you win, you get a date with Ms. Banxxx herself. How cool is that?

One more thing you may want to know: Nyomi Banxxx is a Duke Blue Devils fan.

GIRLWATCHER: Can you tell us a little more about your March Madness pool?

NYOMI BANXXX: I’ve been doing this since 2009, raising money for a charity that I’ve created called Popalock. It helps families whose loved ones have been stricken with multiple sclerosis (MS). This disease struck a member of my family over 10 years ago, and he is still fighting, but it’s taken a toll on his entire family—his mother, father and children. I’ve seen first hand what this disease can do. I do two fundraisers a year, and ironically they both have to do with basketball (the other is a lingerie basketball game). For this pool there is an entry fee $25 per bracket which is due no later than Tip Off Thursday by midnight. The money goes to charity, and the winner of the pool gets a date with me. I will fly to your city for the date.

GW: We’re just going to throw this out there: Nyomi Banxxx, porn star, 2011 Urban X Performer of the Year — it doesn’t exactly scream “Duke fan.”

NB: If you follow me on Twitter (@nyomibanxxx) you know the heat I get for defending, rooting for and cheering on my Dukes. People truly don’t understand why and how a black woman can root for them. I get questions like did you graduate from there? No I went to University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls—just know I wasn’t rooting for the Panthers then. But the few times that they did make it to the tourney I was proud.

GW: So how did your Duke fandom come about?

NB: UNLV used to be my favorite team—I was rooting for them the first year they beat Duke, in 1990, when they won by 30. I was a fan of Duke then, but not over my UNLV. But when the next year came around and I saw how much heart Duke had, and Coach K’s technique of coaching, I was hooked. I’ve been hooked ever since, haven’t jumped ship in all these years.

GW: How do you rate the Blue Devils’ chances in the tournament, and what will be their challenges if they face a team like Syracuse, Kentucky, or Carolina again?

NB: I think they have a chance, I know people think I’m crazy but Coach K’s boys can do it. I do believe that those Plumlee boys need to step it up on the boards, especially when playing against Jones and Davis of Kentucky because they are going to present a problem for them. Same with Fab Melo for Syracuse, who is a beast down there, they definitely will have to use much body and power on those boards and make them points in the paint. Now as for Carolina, they can’t let them run off, they can’t let them get those leads and expect to come back like that. This is the time for Andre Dawkins to step up too. We need him, and we need Rivers to continue to be that leader on the court. I’m excited to see what happens. Go Duke!

GW: Who should get the #1 seeds in this year’s NCAA Tournament?

NB: Well, if Duke and UNC are in the ACC finals, whoever wins that will be a #1 seed. Then Syracuse and Kentucky, and if Michigan State win the Big 10 they in too.

GW: This isn’t your only basketball-based charity event. The other one has to do with lingerie and basketball. Details please.

NB: It began a year ago, it’s a basketball game that I actually play in with video model friends of mine as well as some gifted male ball players. We integrate the teams. Of course the ladies play in sexy lingerie. Our next one will be in June of this year in Chicago. We’re hoping we can get some support for some of the local celebrities.

Ok sports fans — you know what to do. Click over to to match your basketball acumen with the star of such films as Naughty Black Housewives 2, Bubble Butt Barbecue, and MILF Magnet 4. For charity.