Wednesday Wasabi: Adrianne Curry and Risque Cosplay

Adrianne CurryAnother Comic Con post?

Yes indeed — because Comic Con wasn’t just about nobodies and porn stars. There were plenty of celebrities there, and when Adrianne Curry gets kicked out for showing too much butt cheek, dammit, that’s news.

(Here’s her tweet about it; thanks Gawker for the image.)

It got us thinking once again about the Japanese mastery of the dirty/innocent art of cosplay, and we thought it appropriate to dig up some of the authentic stuff that would also have failed the flesh test at Comic Con.

True — some of these clearly started out as kosher costumes. But by the time the girl wearing cat ears and a maid uniform is waving her rump in the air, or the schoolgirl is humping the golf club, or the video store girls are showing off their matching shorts-n-panties sets — no siree, these aren’t getting within 100 yards of Stan Lee lest he choke on his dentures.

(Ouch. Cheap shot at Stan Lee. Was that really necessary?)