Adriana Lima Isn’t Having Any of That

Adriana Lima
Did we say Adriana Lima is getting old?

We were writing about new Brazilian phenom Daiane Sodre and we mentioned that Adriana is 31, which is young in terms of the lifespan of a human but on the old side for a lingerie model. Our actual words were “You’ll never catch us saying Adriana Lima (age 31) should quit her Angels gig” — so technically we were saying that no matter how old she is she will never be too old for us.

At the same time — women. Age. Why go there? It is not necessary to go there. We’ll stand by the positive things we said about Daiane Sodre but we’d like our remarks about Adriana to be stricken from the record.

These Victoria’s Secret pictures crossed our transom and we immediately thought that they were payback. Cast aspersions on Adriana Lima? Cast aspersions on this, you silly American stupidman.

Okay. We’re done. Adriana Lima is just as awesome now as she ever was, and we are silly American stupidman. And these pictures make it all ok.

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