A Week of Playboy TV

Things got hot this week on Playboy TV. This week’s highlights:

The Truth About Sex (Episode 5)

QUESTION: Does knowing more about a person influence their attractiveness? If you knew she had been divorced twice, hadn’t worked in four years or hadn’t graduated high school, would that change how you feel?
TRUTH: Women are greatly influenced by increased knowledge, while men make decisions about beauty based just on beauty alone. (Boobs – the men like boobs.)

When people think of women with blonde hair, three specific stereotypes typically come to mind:

  1. Blondes are sexually adventurous
  2. Blondes are not very bright
  3. Blondes have more fun

QUESTION: Are blondes really more sexually adventurous?
TRUTH: We found no scientific evidence that suggests hair color determines behavior. As one participant put it, “Slutty doesn’t know hair color.”

PLUS According to the results of a controversial new study (Archives of Sexual Behavior August 2012), women who have unprotected sex are happier and experience less depression than equally sexually active women who utilize condoms. Apparently it’s all from the mood-lifting hormones found in sperm.  

Now you know the truth! See the naked experiments every Saturday at 10PM E/P on Playboy TV.

Naughty Amateur Home Videos (Season 17 Episode 11)

More amateurs completely satisfied with quickie sex, ‘handy’ girlfriends and plenty of oral satisfaction, plus spanking, big tits, and girl on girl. They shot it and Playboy TV got it. We also got a flashback with Jesse Jane: “Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hand when it comes to a little muff n’ buffin, right girls?”

Check it out on Playboy TV 

Playmates! Amanda Cerny

Before the new Miss October’s Playmates! episode airs next week, Miss October 2011, Amanda Cerny, held on to the Playboy TV spotlight. This spontaneous Playmate keeps us guessing as we head out on her European adventure and get up-close-and-personal.

Night Calls: Halloween Fetish Special

Jesse Jane and Kirsten Price talk fetishes on this Halloween special. Jesse reveals her fetish for urolagnia (enjoying urinating on another person or persons, or being urinated upon), while Kirsten finally gives in and talks about her belly button fetish. There’s plenty more to cover: biting fetishes, shoe fetishes, feet fetishes…

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