2012: A Year in the Life of ‘A Bikini a Day’

A Bikini A DayA what in the what of a what?

It’s called “A Bikini a Day” and it’s a website/blog made by two models who love bikinis. Each day, they wear a new one or two, and post pictures of them.

So simple it’s brilliant. It also helps that Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman happen to look really, really good in bikinis. Here Natasha explains it in a little more detail:

We would go on and on about here, but that’s pretty much it. The girls like bikinis, the girls take pictures in them, the girls happen to “both [be] curvaceous women” … it all works. And if you think this would make a good calendar — well, they have indeed made A Bikini A Day, the calendar. They are linked all over the place:

A Bikini A Day, the website: abikiniaday.com
A Bikini A Day, the Tumblr: abikiniaday.tumblr.com
A Bikini A Day, the Twitter: twitter.com/ABIKINIADAY
A Bikini A Day, the Facebook: facebook.com/ABikiniADay
A Bikini A Day, the Instagram: instagram.com/ABIKINIADAY

Phew! Enough bikinis, right? Hah! Not even close. Here are some highlights from 2012: