The 8 Sexiest College Campus Parties

Sexiest Parties

DESPITE WHAT NATIONAL LAMPOON and numerous porn movies would have you believe, college ins’t all sex, drinking and partying. There is plenty of hard work and studying going on. But yeah. There are also some wicked sexy parties.

Below are some of the sexiest parties, past and present, that have graced American academia.

1. Oberlin College – Safer Sex Night

Oberlin College is the home of “Safer Sex Night,” a controversial sex education event hosted by the Sexual Information Center. The event goes beyond education, and includes a drunken dance party. In recent years it has seen administrative crackdown, with the “Tent of Consent,” pornographic films and alcohol sales banned.

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

Many tents are still pitched.

2. Vassar College – Homo Hop

Vassar’s Homo Hop was an annual party in which students of all sexual orientations could party on campus. In its heyday it attracted 1,500 people from campus and across the region. Excessive drug and alcohol use ended the party in 1999, when local emergency rooms couldn’t handle the number of people admitted.

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

This was before the Facebook consequences.

3. Williams College – Queer Bash

Queer Bash is another gay-friendly party open to all orientations. Like many other parties, it’s had its trouble balancing pleasure with those who take it too far. In 2010 the Queer Student Union made changes to require more clothing, while rewarding those who came up with more creative outfits. They also sought to lower the amount of homophobic remarks that came from people who obviously missed the point

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

Clearly, it was the homo-erotic douchebags of the Omega House.

4. Brown University – Watermyn House Naked Co-op Fall Party

Watermyn House, a cooperative house near Brown University, host an annual naked party. A hundred people or so show up and strip down with some wearing accessories. A person interviewed by The New York Times said rather than just hanging around looking at each other naked in awkward silence it was actually a very sociable event.

Uh. Cool?

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

“Uh, so how’s it hanging?”

5. Wellesley “Instead” Cooperative Naked Party

The feminist Instead cooperative house at Wellesley uses their naked party for good. They charge partygoers one dollar for every article of clothing they wear when they show up.  All proceeds go to charities that promote healthy body images for women. And being at all-female Wellesley, you know there will be a lot of lesbians!

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

With body types that probably don’t conform to your fantasies. Deal with it.

6. Tufts University – Naked Run, Michigan “Naked Mile”, Swarthmore “Dash for Cash”

College streaking is likely as old as college itself, and has been immortalize in fiction, TV, film and that embarrassing video you hope you boss never sees on YouTube.

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

Tufts University and the University of Michigan use the Sunday before the exam reading period to run drunk and naked thought the quad.

At Swarthmore College, every semester sees the “Dash for Cash,” a fundraiser for the Evil Buzzard Rugby Club. Like the most badass version of a strip club, the rugby players run naked and grab outstretched dollar bills and bags of change from their fans.

7. Princeton – Nude Olympics

For almost a quarter of a century, the first snowfall of the year was met with a great naked party at Princeton University Holder Hall courtyard. The sophomore class would strip down and perform the Nude Olympics. What what? That’s right. NUDE Olympics. It’s more historically accurate, anyway.

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses

Like the real Olympics, except the medals aren’t what dangles

The tradition, which started in the mid-70s, came to an end in 1999, when the previous years’ mild winter prevented the event. This only led to a higher expectations for the next Nude Olympics. But drinking and violence got out of hand, as they are wont to do, so the college administration shut down the event.


8. University of Chicago - Lascivious Ball

We’ve reported on the University of Chicago being a place where “fun goes to die.” But when the University sheds its button down image, it does it all the way. The Lascivious Ball started in the 1960s before being shut down in 1984 by the Big Brother administration. But it was revived in 2008 and currently hosts drag queens, costume contests and dancing. A newspaper review said it was less strip club, and more offbeat vaudeville.

8 Sexiest Parties from College Campuses