5 Sexy Moments in Recent Advertising

1. Reebok Still Promising its Shoes Make Awesome Asses

For yet another Reebok Reetone campaign – you know… the one that promises your ass will be perfect if only you buy their shoes – the brand has enlisted yet another hottie who in no way represents the average female. Which, when you think about it, is awesome. Because here at The Smoking Jacket we don’t really care about average looking women. We’re all about the hottest of the hot. If you want average, go pick up a Sears catalog.

Anyway, Reebok enlisted Kelly Brook, arguably one of the hottest of the hot, to don a tight-fitting referee uniform and pose atop a box full of silver rugby balls. Have a look.

2. Megan Fox Makes Handbags Look Foxy

Oh how we lust after… um… love Megan Fox. Ever since her appearance in the first Transformers movie, she’s been masturbatory motivation [can we say that?] for men the world over. While she’s made sexier appearances in other campaigns, namely Emporio Armani, she’s looking pretty good in this South Korean MetroCity campaign. We especially love how her curvaceousness is amplified as she lays on a chair next to the pool.

3. Dita Von Teese Goes Retro for Target

For those of you who are into retro-sexiness, you’ll like this ad campaign for Target in Australia which features Dita Von Teese. Dressed in 1940-ish lingerie, Teese… oh do we have to say it? Yes, we do. Teese teases quite nicely. Of course, to us, it just looks like underwear your mom would wear. To each their own.


4. Artist Has His Way with Muse

Agent Provocateur, purveyor of all things intimate, is out with a series of three videos featuring Frrench actress Mylene Jampanoi. In the first, called The Initiate, Jampanoi is seen frolicking beneath the sheets with a man and another woman. The second and latest video, entitled The Muse, features Jampanoi sitting in Renaissance era garb as an artist paints her. Of course, painting her isn’t the only thing the artist does to her. After adjusting her clothes a bit, mostly to further reveal her undergarmants, he embraces her as Jampanoi flashes the camera a knowing smile.

Some say this ad advocates some kind of female objectification or glamorizes unwanted advances. To that we say, who wouldn’t make an unwanted advance towards Jampanoi? And besides, she smiles at the end. Not exactly the reaction of a woman who is uninterested in the artist’s advances.


5. Irina Shayk Uses Flip Flops for Bra

The alluringly hot Russian beauty Irina Shayk, girlfriend to Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, has shed her top and covered her boobs with a pair of flip flops. Spanish company XTi enlisted the sizzlingly stunning Shayk for an ad campaign in which Shayk can be seen holding said flip flops over her boobs and wearing white denim hotpants. In another shot, Shayk dons Daisy Dukes and a cropped button down shirt.

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