40 Pictures of Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay Babes

Comic Con Cosplay BabesCheerleaders peak early.

That is the conventional wisdom among many guys out there as they move out of high school and college years and venture into the real world. Guys reaching this conclusion usually had little to no success bagging cheerleaders in high school, but that may be beside the point. You get on with your life, all the cheerleaders marry the quarterbacks, and babies start coming out everybody starts to puff up a little bit.

And then in a kind of second act a lot of the geek girls turn out to be pretty hot in a different way.

And whereas cheerleaders wore their kandy-kolored short skirts and midriff-baring getups without a trace of irony, the geek girls may put on something similarly brief with a healthy sense of this is all a bit silly. Or not — some of them might actually believe they’re Marvel Girl or Black Widow for the day. We may never know.

But the point is: cosplay. And the place and time is: San Diego, last week. It was San Diego Comic Con, and geek girls were everywhere in ridiculous tight clothing. (These 40 pictures courtesy YouBentMyWookie.com — thanks, boys.)