James Franco and Danny McBride Will Come to Your College


Looking for a surefire way to impress your friends? Coaxing a couple of hilarious celebrities to swing by your college campus would probably do the trick.

James Franco and Danny McBride are starring in a new movie called Your Highness which, if the trailer is any indication, should be pretty hilarious.

How would you like to have a Your Highness premier party at your college campus? Did we mention it would be a premier party that James Franco and Danny McBride would be attending? It’s true!

All you have to do is head to this website and demand that a Your Highness party happen at your school. After that, rally up enough other people to vote and tilt the balance of power in your school’s favor. The winning school gets a Your Highness advanced screening, appearances by the cast and an after party.

The 2nd – 6th place winners even get advanced screening parties! If you can’t impress your friends by wielding enough power to land a Hollywood premier at your school, then we don’t know what to say for you.

So head here and get your vote on now!