Wing Falls Off Plane at Argentina Airshow

You may want to have that guy you picked up outside of a Home Depot to build you a new deck for eleven dollars on hand when you watch this video, because the audio is entirely in Spanish. But guess what? It doesn’t matter, this shit is incredible.

At an airshow in Santa Fe, Argentina over the weekend, a stunt pilot awesomely named Dino Moline narrowly escaped death when a goddamn wing fell off of the plane he was flying in mid-stunt.

A wing. Just, like, right off. No violent collision or anything, the wing just peaced out completely unprovoked leaving Dino to fend for himself against one of the mightiest opponents in the entire universe – gravity.

Dino makes it out alive amazingly by pulling his parachute apparatus in time, but even then, something still looks not right. Maybe it’s that the plane appears to be still attached to him and his chute as it’s going down? Whatever, he lived. Maybe that’s just how parachutes work in Argentina.

Argentina Air Show Accident