Where In the World is Pee-Wee Herman?

We feel as though there are a lot of questions that need to be asked about this picture. Right off the bat, why is Pee-Wee Herman rocking that ridiculous Bret Michaels bandana? Has he joined the Bloods? That would certainly be an intriguing turn of events.

Also, is that Lorenzo Lamas he’s with? We’re fairly certain it is. And that brings up the most obvious question of all.

Where in the world is Pee-Wee Herman if he’s rocking a bandana and crossing paths with Lorenzo Lamas? Remarkably, we actually have an answer for you. But first, how about you take a guess? Here are some possible choices:

A. On the set of a new VH1 celebreality show

B. The premier party for that Expendables movie that has every other 80′s star in it

C. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

D. Your childhood dreams

Well, D is certainly a viable answer there depending on what exactly kind of dreams you had as a child. If they did involve Pee-Wee Herman and Lorenzo Lamas, feel free to not share them with us.

But the correct answer, surprisingly, is C. Pee-Wee Herman is actually appearing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this week. That’s right, not attending, performing. That’s some shit we wish we there to see.