What is the Time Traveling Cell Phone User Really Carrying?

1928 Cell PhoneThe internet is a wonderful place for conspiracy theories. No matter how crazy the idea, it’s a safe bet that you can find a loyal following on the internet willing to buy into your “insider evidence” that lizard people rule the world and such. But we have our doubts that this latest conspiracy theory is going to catch on.

Recently, someone was watching the 1928 Charlie Chaplin silent film The Circus and they swear at one point a woman walks by talking on a cell phone. In 1928. A cell phone. As far as conspiracies go, that’s pretty far out. One of two things would have to occur for this to be true. Either the woman is a time traveler, or the communications companies were holding this technology back from the public for fear of generating record profits. See? None of that shit makes sense.

To back up his claim, the conspiracy theorist in question made the below video, which replays the scene in question in more slow motion detail than the Zapruder film.

Ok, fine, it does kind of look like she’s talking on a phone. But that’s far from definitive proof. That woman could be holding any number of things to her ear. In an effort to help clear things up (or make them far more confusing) we’ve provided a few possibilities below. Check it.

Marty McFly

Shoe Phone

banana phone

italian beef sandwich