The Definitive Twilight Parody Cheat Sheet

Eclipse, the third chapter in the critically ehh’d Twilight Saga, hits theaters this weekend. Some of us, for one reason or another (i.e. our girlfriends dragged us), have seen both Twilight and its sequel New Moon. Some (lucky bastards) haven’t. If you’re looking for an alternative to seeing Eclipse in theaters this weekend, we have you covered. These videos are all the Twilight parodies worth watching on the whole, entire Internet. It’s the best way to get clued in on all the major plot points without actually suffering through any of the films.

Movies In Minutes – Twilight

Let’s kick things off with a parody of the first Twilight and New Moon just so everyone is up to speed.

New Moon in a Minute (Parody)

This is probably the best way to get caught up on the events of New Moon in the shortest possible time. We particularly love the performance given by the actor playing Edward. Reminds us of the acting skills of a certain Duncan Bros. actor.

Twilight New Moon Spoof – Rise of the Man Wolf (Jacob)

The angle taken on the Jacob character and his “wolfpack” in this spoof makes it pretty great. The fat, hairy, Italian guy who plays Jacob in his werewolf form is icing on the cake.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PARODY/SPOOF) – The 400-Year-Old Virgin

Edward and Jacob re-imagined as a couple of bros who sit down to play some Street Fighter. They get into a bit of a fight about their respective sexualities.

The fight is amusing, but bonus points to this video for having the hottest Bella I’ve seen in any of the fan-made Twilight parodies.

8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive

This is the first video in a series and has spawned what is likely the most popular meme of the week. It’s Twilight done as a choose your own adventure series of web videos in the stylings of an 8-bit RPG video game. Warning: you will likely want to bust out the NES and play some Dragon Warrior.

Twilight High School Musical (a parody)

Twilight High School Musical is exactly what you think it is. There’s some solid laughs, and, if you’re a total Twihard, you can probably rip the songs and throw them on your iPod.

Twilight The Puppet SagaTwilight parody

Thus far this post has been completely delinquent of Evanescence and puppets. Consider that situation rectified.


Two important questions are answered by this video: 1) What if Twilight was animated? 2) What would happen if Jacob and Edward both bit Bella?

Twilight: Eclipse Trailer (Parody)

A nice homage to Twilight and the Matt Damon character from Team America

Twilight Trailer Spoof from Hummpy and Sterling Bishop

Bella and Edward get along far too well, so it’s nice to see they have fights just like the rest of us.

Twilight Spoof with Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn – AOTS

This one has Olivia Munn.

Guillermo in Twilight on Jimmy Kimmel Live 11-24-08

The first of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Twilight sketches. Watch for Guillermo having a little trouble pronouncing “vampire.”

The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin’ Twilight

Two of the worst pop culture phenomenoms of the moment combine to make something great. It’s the viral video equivalent of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s kids growing up and curing cancer.

Peter Chao’s Full Moon

Peter Chao’s New Moon parody is somehow also a commercial for Doritos. It doesn’t really matter, does it? Also great, but not technically a parody, is Chao’s reaction to the Eclipse trailer, which is here.

Twilight New Moon – MUSIC VIDEO SPOOF –

Take a super cute amateur Bella, Bon Jovi and a green screen and you pretty much have this video covered. Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” becomes “Wanted Undead or Alive,” and a sea of Twilight imagery and sight gags follows along.

New Moon/Eclipse Parody

This is honestly awful. It’s doubtful watching this is as bad as sitting through two hours of Eclipse, but it could be. Gotta love the low production values (even for YouTube!). Hell, this was obviously shot with a video camera that still uses tapes (you can hear the hum of the gears inside the camera). It’s like listening to the web video equivalent of vinyl.

Eclipse Trailer Spoof

The best place to end things is with a trailer for Eclipse. This Bella gets our vote as the second hottest low-budget Bella.