Weird Science: The Return of Count Spirochete

This delightful slice of science insanity comes to us courtesy of our very own government. Once hidden deep within the Pentagon Channel vaults (yep, the Pentagon has a video channel, we thought that was bizarre also) The Return of Count Spirochete is an animated video about the dangers of venereal disease.

There is an endless stream of good shit happening here, but if you want to boil down the video to one simple premise it would be “syphilis is not to be fucked with.” Go ahead and swish that around for awhile, it says way more than those seven words make it seem on the surface.

Anyway, this 20 minute video (stay with us, internet) is an animated look at the “Communicable Disease of the Year Awards,” an event we hope really exists. In a shocking turn of events, heavy hitters like tuberculosis and the common cold lose the coveted “Fourth Horseman Award,” which recognizes the disease that “has done the best job of contaminating others,” to an unlikely contender–syphilis.

And then, shit gets really strange. You’ll just have to set aside some time to watch it for yourself, we’re not in the spoilers game at TSJ. But we will give this much away…it’s well worth your time to watch.

(via dodlive)