Voyeurism Never Looked So Good

JON RAFMAN’S BLOG, 9-eyes.com, culls pictures snapped by Google Street View the day Google’s trucks drove around mapping the planet. A record of Google’s invasion of our privacy, def. But has overlord technology ever been used to such poignant effect? I don’t know. The stills show some of the most remote to the most populated regions of the world, they reveal the private gestures of people (or animals) completely unaware they’re being watched. Rafman’s collection of freeze-frames give us flashes into lives we’d never get to see.

“I love looking at stuff that people have created without the intention of calling it art,” the Chicago-schooled, Montreal-based artist said of his practice in a Vimeo interview for File, adding, ”I think we’ve reached a point now, my generation, where we don’t really know if we’re celebrating something, and saying it’s great and affirming it, or if we are engaging in ironic critique and mocking it. We’ve almost collapsed the two.”

A TSJ best-of below. Check out Rafman’s site for the whole package.