Viral Outbreak: Student Leader Slap Fight and the Magic News Desk

The great thing about an impromptu fight is that you don’t need to have any idea what the fight is about for it to be all sorts of entertaining. Take the case of these two slap fighting superstars, for example.

What we do know is that this ruckus went down on a talk show in India. We also know the two participants are “student leaders.” What they’re brawling about, though, remains a mystery to us. But none of that matters, because who needs context when you have video footage of two grown men slapping it out like two VH1 reality show chicks? Remarkably, the fight isn’t the only hilarity to watch for in this video. Take a gander at this:

news desk

Is that a space age news desk constructed only of the most futuristic building materials available, or a needlessly elaborate graphic that probably cost ten times more cash than just buying a desk would have? We can’t be sure, but we have our suspicions that it’s the latter.

news desk fail