Viral Outbreak: It’s Funny Until We Find Out Someone Died

We’re no strangers to snow removal mishaps around these parts, but this one…is different. There won’t be any hilarious shots of people tumbling from their roof to the cushioning snow beneath them. There will be no cars slip sliding down an icy hill and smashing into a house. There will be none of that.

Instead, we just have a man who only hopes to clear a minor amount of packed ice away from his balcony. He seems to have chosen the correct tool for the job. Or at least it appears as if he did at first. But then, things go awry. And then you laugh.

Maybe you’ll even watch it again. And you’ll laugh again. But then, you’ll sit for a moment. And you’ll wonder. And wonder you should. Because just like you, we also have no idea where that heavy metal object landed. We just hope nobody died.