Viral Outbreak: Dog vs. Dalek

Admittedly, we had to seek out the assistance of a particularly nerdy intern to fully grasp what’s going on in this video, but even without knowing the whole story, this was still pretty hilarious.

The robotic toy threatening the safety and sanity of this poor dog is a “Dalek” which, according to said intern, “are a fictional race of mutants from the Doctor Who series. They were created by Davros during the thousand-year war with the Thals and hail from the planet Skaro.” We had to cut him off there as the urge to give him a swirlie and steal his lunch money was becoming to strong to resist.

At any rate, this dog must be a fan of Doctor Who, because the poor thing certainly knows this is a situation that calls for a feeling of absolute terror. Who’s a terrified good dog? You are! Yes you are!