Viral Outbreak: Angry Customer Almost Earns a Ginger Beat Down

As anyone who has ever worked in a retail or customer service environment can confirm, the old saying “the customer is always right” is total bullshit. Take the rowdy customer in this video, for example. When the underpaid and under appreciated staff at this restaurant (the video claims it’s Taco Bell, but the Papa John’s menus on display beg to differ) don’t get crackalackin’ on her pizza order fast enough, she wigs the hell out.

At first, her hellfire is reserved for the employees, but eventually it extends to the customers around her. This all leads up to an altercation with a ginger headed patron who probably doesn’t hit girls as a general rule, but appears more than willing to make an exception in this case.

We sincerely hope this chick enjoys phlegm on her pizza, because that’s what behavior like this will earn you.

(via Gossipberry)