Video Vault: Accidental Rock Star Stage Dives

Recently in “Musicians Looking Like Assholes,” Steven Tyler and Scott Weiland were the latest to fall victim to gravity while on stage in front of thousandsa few people.

Age may not be able to bring him down, but gravity’s got Steven Tyler beat. The dude fell off stage last week, something he obviously has made a habit of:

Then, just a few days ago, Stone Temple Pilots’s Scott Weiland landed a nice faceplant off a stage in Cincinnati. But that’s probably just part of the act, right? Stupid-looking hats, bullhorns, laser lights, “leaps” into the crowd?

Though these are pretty good chuckle-instigators, we gathered a few more awesome “Singer Falls” YouTube has to offer:

We have no idea who this guy is, but it really doesn’t matter. Both the fall and what precedes it are amazing.

The fat guy in the little band Saliva in a very slow descent backward at about 20 seconds in.

Skip to about 30 seconds in to see Drake bite it hard. The cause? Probably his pants inching further down his ass as he bounces along the stage.

This could have easily been a dance move, but it sure looks like Rihanna ate the floor here.

Every single time Lady Gaga falls on stage, it looks like it was on purpose. TEACH US HOW, GAGA.

Remember this? Joaquin Phoenix’s documentary about his WTF-rapping phase comes out soon, so this is a well-timed blast from the past.

Speaking of blasts from the past, this video is from 1989. 1989!!! And it has Axl Rose falling like 100 feet off a stage. Do you know where you are, Axl? You in the YouTube hall of fame, baby.

OK, so he isn’t on stage or anything, but it’s still awesome to watch Bieber fall backward. He looks like a damn character in the next Willy Wonka movie.