Video: Every On-Screen Death in Game of Thrones


For both the fancyborn and the plebes who populate Game of Thrones world, psychotic inbred prince-kings, mass beheadings, dead wolves, live dragons, weddings where everyone cries and the ever-ominous lament of some ice-age apocalypse make for hard times all around.

We lap that up. What else have we got to look forward to after a long day of mind-numbing cubicle hustling?

As one of the 10 deadliest shows to ever kill people on Prime Time, Game of Thrones has mounted its death count with every passing week to the show’s viewers great lament and excitement (the proper combination of emotions to feel in such events).

Here we show you a mashup of Game of Thrones deaths.

Because you like that stuff.

Because you’re weird.

Whatever. Just watch.