Video Dump: The Art of Playing with Your Food

Since the beginning of time, mankind has taken to using art as a form of expression to communicate a feeling, to capture a moment in time or to document their lives.  The first medium of art probably started with a caveman, a rock and some ashes that eventually advanced to paint, marble sculptures, tile mosaics and now….food?  While playing with your food is frowned upon by pretty much every mom ever,  these artists show that sometimes it isn’t always a bad thing.

Here’s 6 videos that document what can happen when people ignore their mother and happen to have time, talent and massive amounts of food laying around.

Elvis Presley with cheese puffs

Art on coffee

Marilyn Monroe made of cucumbers

Portrait of Portia De Rossi with cocoa powder

Cee Lo Green Cheetos portrait

Wall Street pumpkin carving

Art on coffee