Video Dump: Beach Girls Make You Feel Better

Baby, it’s cold out there. And it’s like, cold in our hearts. Wait — that’s not as dumb as it sounds. Hang on, stay with us here, because you know EXACTLY what we’re talking about.

The holidays are done. We’re perpetually hungover, exhausted, dragging our asses to the classroom, the office, the Subway, whathaveyou. The trek to the laundromat has never seemed more arduous. We’re hoarding up our dirty clothes and wearing them inside out just so’s we can stay indoors and spend all our loose change on beer from the corner store attached to our apartment building.

What warms the cockles of our hearts more than women running on beaches? In skimpy bathing costumes? And the sight of sand and beach?

And bikinis? Did we say bikinis?

Let the word “bikini” roll off your tongue as you lap these videos up. Remember that there’s a place like this, where girls frolic, surf pounds, and they have Vitamin Water that actually tastes like something.

Colombian Girls

Jason Bassett x Kelly M x Natalya Toporova from Jason Bassett on Vimeo.

 Christmas Eve Shoot

Jason Bassett x beautiful Elaina M x Natalya Toporova from Jason Bassett on Vimeo.

Lauren + Angie 

Jason Bassett x Lauren Goodman x Angie from Jason Bassett on Vimeo.