Video Dump: Awful Songs Made Magical

At least once or twice a year, a song catches on to the general public that is absolutely horrible and made even more so when it’s played at every birthday, sports event, and club. You find yourself singing it in the shower and you didn’t even realize you knew all the words. But, wouldn’t you know it, there are actually people out there that can take that annoying earworm and make it sound GOOD and, like with the five videos below, they even manage to make it sound so much better than the original, you forget why you hated it in the first place.

Here are five extremely talented musicians who’ve polished an annoying earworm into golden nuggets.

LMFAO: “Sexy and I Know It”, by Noah

Nicki Minaj: “Super Bass”, by uuuuuuuuukewithme

Drake: “Best I Ever Had”, by Kierra

Rebecca Black: “Friday”, by Drewby1XO

Fergie: “My Humps”, by Alanis Morrissette