Atlas Shrugged and So Did We, Plus More Movie Trailers

In this week’s trailer park we confront the paranormal, the abnormal and Ayn Rand. We can’t decide which of those three is scarier to confront- probably Ayn Rand, though. In any case, these trailers are thoroughly confusing, and mildly frightening. So, they’re probably going to be blockbusters. Enjoy a Diet Coke, why don’t you, and watch the trailers with us in your weekly Trailer Park.


This is one of those movies that sounds dumb in concept, then looks dumb in concept, thereby proving it was a dumb idea all along. The guy who directed this also directed Saw 2, 3 and 4. So far, this “they” they’re referencing in the trailer looks too ambiguous to know whether it’ll be scary or not yet. Will an impressive director make up for a weak idea, with the script based around a mere coincidence? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


Again, an extremely ambiguous “phenomenon” haunts our characters, and we’re shown scary footage and supposed to piece it all together, or something. And just like 11-11-11, the creators worked on Saw! It’s like that movie is a shiny sticker you can slap onto any old horror movie for a great little attendance boost. Admittedly, Saw was very good, and these are just teaser trailers. Will Insidious actually be insidious? Good question, probably not.

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1

Admittedly, I never read Atlas Shrugged. I don’t know if reading the book would’ve even helped much, here. This trailer attempts to introduce about 45 characters and 17 individual story lines to you in the span of two minutes. Isn’t Atlas Shrugged about 1000 pages long? Who the hell would EVER want to cram all those words into a 120-minute film? Madmen. Hope this one does well at the box office so the studio can afford to pay all these actors, there’s gotta be at least 120 main characters in this one.

(Trailer NSFW)

Mmm, y’know, when Variety’s remarking that you’ve “achieved the sweaty-palmed intensity of film noir” and Indiewire says you’re “a breathless thriller,” you might be a good film. Hazing: it’s all fun and games until someone gets shot in the shoulder and you can’t go to the hospital because that’ll get your chapter suspended from campus. Life lessons.

Check out this interview with pledge Kevin Fahley from the film, while you’re at it:

Pledge interview- Brotherhood