TwitPic Theater: Miss California, Sideways World, Grotto, Cake Killer Edition

This week, TwitPic Theater was under the weather on Monday. However, a little Vitamin C and 140 characters of hotness laced into our Twitter stream relieved our chills so that we could bring you this week’s best TwitPics with minimal delay.

@BreezyBZ @geebin@BreezyBZ @geebin didn’t invite us on their night out, but we love them anyway!

@sasckyaporto@sasckyaporto defies the laws of TwitPic quality and delivers a nature shot that delivers natural beauty of all kinds and inspires us to re-consider nature entirely.

@Sarah_Michaels@Sarah_Michaels prepares to murder an innocent looking pastry type pancake thing.

@missnov98 @karamonaco @tiffanyselby@missnov98 @karamonaco @tiffanyselby shared a little love with the Twitterverse in while out on the town.

@shannamoakler miss ca@shannamoakler breaks the TwitPic Theater World Record for “Most Babes Per Pixel” with this shot of the Miss California auditions.

@carabrett@carabrett is sideways.

@francescafrigo @Amyleighandrews @heatherraeyoung @ashleyhobbs21@francescafrigo @Amyleighandrews @heatherraeyoung @ashleyhobbs21 went for a dip in the grotto.

@misskarinnoelle@misskarinnoelle getting dirty.

That’s the last bad play on words we have for this week. Rest assured, we’ll keep our eyes fixated on the Twitter streams of millions of gorgeous women and bring you only the best TwitPics once again next Monday.