TwitPic Theater: Dr. Girlfriend Edition

Dr. Girlfriend

The one and only, the supremely evil, the undeniably sexy Dr. Girlfriend

This week, TwitPic theater is gaga over Dr. Girlfriend. In case you’re not already in love, Dr. Girlfriend is one sexy villain, her animated capers and shenanigans seen on Cartoon Network’s Venture Bros. Adult Swim series. Dr. Girlfriend may have a deep manly voice, but her soft womanly curves are usually draped in purple lingerie. We thought it’d be fun to ask some of our favorite weekly contributors to TwitPic Theater to send us a TwitPic of their sexiest Dr. Girlfriend pose. We weren’t disappointed.


@sherabechard took time off from her duties as this month’s Playmate and had a drink as she channeled her inner (and outer) Dr. Girlfriend.

@jaimeedmondson@jaimeedmondson‘s Dr. Girlfriend seems to be daring you to handcuff her… Handcuffs not your style? Jaime posted another sexy TwitPic just in case.

@rockgirlkelly@rockgirlkelly showed her love for the Monarch with a butterfly ring and a to-do list that only a supervillain could love. Watch out Dr. Venture; you’re next after groceries and dry cleaning. She also looks pretty butterfly in the extra TwitPic she posted.

@amyleighandrews@amyleighandrews posted a few pictures of herself as Dr. Girlfriend. We like the seductive vibe here.


@KimPhillips9_09 shows us that even sexy supervillains like Dr. Girlfriend have to get their workout on and look damn sexy doing it!

@patricehollis@patricehollis added a little fire to her Dr. Girlfriend look making things…dare we say…extra hot.

@iamJessicaHallSure @iamJessicaHall is smiling and cute now, but behind that shiny veneer she is likely calculating and concocting a villainous scheme to destroy the Venture Bros.

@stepholsonsexy@stepholsonsexy claimed she was tweeting this from her secret underground lair, so we’ve spent all morning with a shovel searching for an entrance.

@rebysky@rebysky spent the weekend partying at the Playboy Mansion as Dr. Girlfriend, adding another reason to the endless list of “Reasons Why Hugh Hefner Lives in the Coolest Place in History.”

We’ll be back next week with another edition of TwitPic Theater. In the meantime, get yourself a copy of Venture Bros., Season 4, on DVD, in stores October 26. You can pre-order it here: