The Fockers are Back, Owen Wilson Gets Busy, Plus More Movie Trailers

This week’s Trailer Park has something for everyone: alien wars, approved infidelity, unapproved infidelity, Ben Stiller–and did we mention alien wars? It’s fun for the whole family, especially those in your family who enjoy launching missiles at aliens or adultery. And who doesn’t?

Barney’s Version
Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman

In theaters January 2011

Paul Giamatti! He’s ridiculous. Whether drinking all that wine, drawing geeky comics or, here, getting married to the wrong girl, he’s pretty good at being wounded (but quirky and funny) and having life-changing, identity-searching adventures. That’s why we like him. I would say reasons to not see this movie include “extreme aversion to staring at Paul Giamatti’s face for two hours” and “distaste for weddings and love triangles that may result.” If you’re down for those, though, definitely check this one out. Bring your fiancée for bonus points!

Battle: Los Angeles
Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena

In theaters March 2011

Listen, if there are two things we can all learn from District 9, it’s this: When gigantic, unidentified floating airships are parked over your city, 1) Explosions are about to go down, and 2) They’re going to look awesome. Same principle here. Missiles are flying, helicopters are about to tear someone a few new orifices, and Aaron Eckhart is in it. Ready to see the Joker open a fresh can of alien whoopass? I mean, do you have anything better going on in March?

Little Fockers
Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba

In theaters December 2010

You Met the Parents, then we Met the Fockers. Now Ben Stiller’s got kids and the hilarity starts all over again, except with kids involved, which obviously makes things more hilarious, right? Did you just see what I saw? Ben Stiller jamming a syringe Pulp Fiction-style right into De Niro’s dong? Then the kids walk in? That must’ve been amazing to direct. “Your thought process here is something like this: Greg just stuck a syringe in your fun stick, then your grandkids walk in and see this. Go.” They don’t teach that kind of drama at Julliard, folks.

Hall Pass
Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer

In theaters February 2011

While this looks like it’s just one Zach Galifinakis short of a Hangover, it has potential. Owen Wilson is so good at being Owen Wilson, and the nerdy, out-of-touch married guy role fits him naturally. Plus, the “every man’s dream lived out” pitch is a seller. How many real-life Hall Passes is this movie going to inspire in American marriages? Could “Don’t worry, I’m on a hall pass” be the next big pickup line in our bars and clubs? Bring your wife to this one and find out for yourself.