Best of the Rest: Girls With Buscemi Eyes, Ray Lewis, Sofia Vergara and More

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Best of the Rest brings you the 10 greatest posts from our favorite sites around the internet. Here’s the Best of the Rest for Friday, April 22, 2011 (click the pics to see each article):

1. 20 Girls With Steve Buscemi Eyes (Heavy)


2 . 420 Sexy Pictures of Miranda Kerr (CoedMagazine)


3. Ray Lewis Delivers the Greatest Inspirational Speech Ever (TotalProSports)

ray lewis

4. Crazy Classifieds: Oakland Racists Want Roommates (DJMick)


5. A Delicious Hamburger vs. A Tornado. Who Ya Got? (GorillaMask)


6. Fifth Graders Horrified by Pictures From Inside Uterus (Guyism)

7. How to Put a Lion Cub to Sleep (Buzzfeed)


8. Lucy Pinder and Rosie Jones Do More Than Hold Hands (Brobible)

lucy pinder

9. Sofia Vergara Is the Lovely Lady of the Day (HotClicks)

sofia vergara

10. 5 Bad Ideas Humanity Is Sticking With Out of Habit (Cracked)