Morning Dump: Mind-Blowing Things Caught by Fishermen and More


This is a collection of 15 great stories from some of our favorite sites around the web. Those of us in the industry call it a “link dump.” We run two per day. We call the first one “Morning Dump” because it’s early and we’re immature. We call this one “Morning Dump: Afternoon Edition” because we’re lazy and uncreative by noon each day (click the pics to read each article):

1. Oh What A Night! (HotClicks)

2. The Worst Bike Wipe Outs (Heavy)

3. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Marriage Troubles? (Huffington Post)

4. 15 Hottest College Football Cheerleading Squads of 2011 (TotalProSports)

5. The Seth Rogan Pop Culture References Supercut (UpRoxx)

6. 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Where’s Waldo (Buzzfeed)

7. Spank Bank: Peaches (GorillaMask)

8. 10 Of The Dumbest Million Dollar Ideas (Guyism)

9. The 24 Sexiest Rock Star Spawns (CoedMagazine)

10. 10 Hottest Women In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (Made Man)

11. The 6 most Mind Blowing Things Ever Caught By Fishermen (Cracked)

12.  Bonus Babes 174 (DJMick)

13. It’s the 90s! (NextRound)

14. The Best Face Tattoo Mug Shots (So Far) (BroBible)

15. Teach Me How To Mike Gundy The Remix Video (Busted Coverage)