Morning Dump: Afternoon Edition – Plants That Look Like Sci-Fi Monsters and More


This is a collection of 15 great stories from some of our favorite sites around the web. Those of us in the industry call it a “link dump.” We run two per day. We call the first one “Morning Dump” because it’s early and we’re immature. We call this one “Morning Dump: Afternoon Edition” because we’re lazy and uncreative by noon each day (click the pics to read each article):

1. 6 Beneficial Things They Made You Stop Doing in School (Cracked)


2. Imogen Thomas: The Mega Gallery (NextRound)


3. Men vs. Women: Disney Edition (CavemanCircus)

Caveman Circus

4. Explainer of the Day (TheDailyWhat)

The Daily What

5. 24 Sexiest Women of Fall TV’s New Network Shows (CoedMagazine)

COED Magazine

6. Climbing Ladders Like a Boss (TotallyCrap)

totally crap

7. Earthquake! (HotClicks)

Hot Clicks

8. Breathtaking Angel Falls (Izismile)


9. An Alien at Peace (UnrealityMag)


10. 12 Real Plants that Look Like Sci-Fi Monsters (Blastr)


11. The World Premiere of Young Life Entertainment’s MMA Anthem (HeymanHustle)

Heyman Hustle

12. 5 Brutal Turf Wars in the Animal Kingdom (RegretfulMorning)

Regretful Morning

13. The Women of Buffalo (TheBrigade) /i>

The Brigade

14. Lady Gaga Abusive to Women Video (CelebJihad)


15. Game Speaks on the Origin of His Animosity Towards Jay-Z (RealTalkNY)