Morning Dump: 4th of July Edition


It’s July 4th. Are you working today? We certainly hope not. Working on a holiday is awful. That’s why we don’t do it. At least not much. Take this holiday, for example. On a normal day, The Smoking Jacket runs anywhere from 7-10 articles per day. But today, we’re just running two.

Up first, we’ve got this Independence Day themed version of Morning Dump. It’s a collection of a 10 great stories from our favorite sites around the web, except this time, they’re all Fourth of July related. We couldn’t have possibly planned this any better!

1. Charting Patriotism by the Stupidity of Your Fireworks (Cracked)


2. History Lesson of the Dar (TheDailyWhat)

the daily what

3. Zoology by Nate Birch (HolyTaco)

holy taco

4. 14 Painfully Funny Fireworks Fail Videos (CoedMagazine)

ego tv 3

5. What Happens When a Fireworks Factory Explodes (EGOTV)

ego tv

6. The Women of July 4th (Gunaxin)


7. The 13 Most Horrible Fireworks Accidents (Ranker)


8. 36 Reasons It’s Still Good to Be an American (Esquire)


9. Celebs in American Flags (HuffingtonPost)


10. 8 People You’ll Encounter this Fourth of July (EGOTV)

ego tv 2