Top 10 Bikini Wrestling Videos

Best Bikini Wrestling Videos

In the last several years, wrestling’s gone from a C-grade sport to a multi-million dollar business, making movie stars out of its most popular personalities. Credit most of that success to female wrestlers like Christy Hemme and Torrie Wilson, who brought plenty of sex appeal into the ring. While you won’t see the women in the videos below on Friday Night Smackdown, we think you’ll agree that the amateur circuit still has plenty of thrills to offer once you throw mud, Jell-O and shaving cream into the mix.

#10: Shaving Cream Dreams

#9: Pool (of) Ranch

#8: KY Wrestling

#7: Lube Wrestling

#6: Bottoms Up!

#5: Wrestling in Jell-O

#4: Mud Wrestling

#3: Spring Break Margarita Wrestling

#2: Girls in the Ring

#1: To the Mat