10 Signs a Dude’s Been Pussywhipped

Tom Leykis, from The Tom Leykis Show, gives TSJ the lowdown on when you gotta retreat back to your man cave.

1 – If you’ve ever agreed to go out and buy tampons, Midol, or a copy of Cosmo while your girl is on the rag, you’ve definitely been pussywhipped. After all, what did she do about that before you came along?

2 – Ever seen a vampire movie? Do you know who Ryan Gosling is? Uh-huh.

3 – When the guys want you to go out with them do you ever tell them something like “I have to check in with Headquarters”?

4 – Ever wasted an evening out with your girl and four of her snarky friends? Ever paid for all their drinks? Jesus!

5 – Ever held a chick’s purse while she goes to the crapper or to the fitting room? The fitting room? You mean that you actually went shopping with her? Busted!

6 – Ever made reservations for Valentine’s Day dinner? Even worse, did you later sit at the restaurant like a beaten dog waiting for the evening to be over? Pussywhipped for sure!

7 – Ever snap a photo on your smartphone so she knows you’re “not up to no good”?

8 – Are you never “up to no good”?

9 – Ever told her she’s “not fat in that dress”? Are you dating a chick who is fat in that dress?

10 – Have you ever said: “Honey! We need to get a new loofa!” Jesus. You are DEFINITELY pussywhipped.

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