Today’s Ballbreaker: Patrice Hollis

Patrice Hollis

We ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Patrice Hollis


They are always in the way and don’t have any respect. Really, what are you gonna get besides fucked! It’s so sad to see a woman’s worth only on the outside. Bitch, go get a job! Money hungry hoes!


There is no reason for it to be this hot! It kills your makeup and all you do is sweat! Do not NOT have air condtioning! It gets so hot that sometimes the bottom of shoes start to melt and your feet stay hot! You can only go places at night, it’s too hot to even go to the pool! What kind of shit is that??


LOL! Who really has baby hair like that besides a baby or little girl!! Shout out to the women who use them to make their foreheads look smaller! [Editor's Note: We have no idea what a lace front wig is...]

Las Vegas native Patrice Hollis co-hosts The Playmate Club with Colleen Shannon on Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM. You can also follow her on Twitter @patricehollis.

DISCLAIMER: Ballbreaker contributors are in reality lovely, sweet girls who are cranking up the attitude for entertainment purposes only, at the request of The Smoking Jacket.