There’s a Reason People Do It

Strikeout Tally

Whenever a pitcher who is particularly good with strikeouts takes the mound during a major league game, you can bet that somewhere in the crowd, someone is working up some kind of low budget display to keep everyone abreast of the strikeout tally. This usually comes in the form of a series of signs, each with “K” written on, “K” meaning strikeout, of course.  So, in the picture above, the pitcher has four strikeouts. But notice something else about the picture, that third kid has a backwards “K” on his shirt. Why?

Because if you don’t turn that third “K” around, you’re left with an extremely awkward span of time between strikeout three and four. Why so awkward? Because you now have this hanging in a packed baseball stadium.

Awkward Strikeout Tally

That picture was taken at a minor league (barely) game in Sioux Falls, SD last night. Granted, there were like eleven people in attendance, but is the crowd ever small enough when you have a KKK banner hanging at your place of business? We would argue that it is not.