The Week in Sexy Advertising: Tehmeena Afzal, Cup Size Choir and More

Tehmeena Afzal

In our continuing effort to bring you the sexiest of sexy, The Smoking Jacket has launched a new feature, The Week in Sexy Advertising. It’s written by Steve Hall who publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point. We won’t discuss the business of advertising much because, well, that’s just boring. But we will bring you a weekly round up advertising’s best eye candy.

Gitcha Goomsba

This week, Leavenworth, a tourist destination in Washington which bills itself as the ultimate Bavarian experience complete with beer gardens, wine tasting, river rafting and sporting events recently unleashed Gitcha Goomsba, a video featuring a nutcracker named Woody Goomsba and a bevy of Dirndl-clad hotties.

In the video, a dude stuck in an office cube hears a radio commercial and wins a trip to Leavenworth. He gets so excited, he pulls the clothing off his female co-worker who just happens to be wearing midriff-baring Dirndl garb. From there, the music kicks in and we meet Woody and his pelvic-thrusting Dirndl Dames who grind and gyrate as we are told about all the wonderful things Leavenworth has to offer.

The Cup Size Choir

This next one could be called a public service announcement for us guys. Ever buy a bra for your girlfriend? Confused by the whole cup size thing? Don’t want to be caught checking her bureau drawers for her bra size like some pervert? Well, La Senza has made it a bit easier with the debut of their Cup Size Choir, a collection of women dressed in lingerie who take on the role of musical notes from A to G. Now if you’ve already guessed the musical notes represent bra cup sizes, you’ve got a leg up on your perverted, bureau drawer snooping friends.

From flat to phat, the ladies take position on mattresses representing a keyboard and writhe with musical deliciousness while cooing Christmas tunes. Tis the season to be jolly, indeed.

Blake Lively for Chanel

blake lively

Gossip Girl and The Town hottie Blake Lively has been chosen by the very freaky-looking Karl Lagerfeld to be the face of his Chanel ad campaign which will debut early next year. The 23-year-old Lively was once thought to be too old to play the role of high school socialite Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. But age knows now limits when it comes to sexy and Lively’s got it covered in that area.

Tehmeena Afzal for “Fannatic Magazine”

Tehmeena AfzalRemember Tehmeena Afzal? You will after viewing this video she did for the New York Giants. In tantalizing slow motion, of course. Well now you can enjoy even more of her stunningly stacked curvaceousness in a shoot she did for Fannatic Magazine.

But, as it turns out, the magazine seems to have been a fraudulent front to use Afzal as a means to get subscribers to a non-existent magazine. Now, because the contract she and the photographer signed with the “magazine” has been breached, Afzal has decided to share all the pictures from the photo shoot with her fans. Check them out at this link. Enjoy, TSJ, readers. Enjoy.

Michael Bay’s Victoria’s Secret Ad

Last year, uber-action director Michael Bay (Transformers) directed a television commercial for Victoria’s Secret. While none of the models exploded, aside from out of their push up tops, the commercial was steamy and over the top just as you would expect from the man who loves to serve up explosive destruction in the movie theater.

Well, he’s at it again this year and has created another commercial for the fashion brand. The commercial made its first appearance during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Called A Night of A Thousand Fantasies, the new commercial asks, “What’s your fantasy?” It then explodes with pulsating pulchritude as Bay’s camera slathers itself all over a bevy of beautiliciousness otherwise known as the Victoria’s Secret models.

Dirndl-clad hotties. Cup size education. Blake Lively. Tehmeena Afzal. Michael bay-fueled Victoria’s Secret models. What’s not to love about advertising?