The Stash: Playboy TV’s Mancave is Back in Business!

DEEP IN THE TRENCHES OF THE PLAYBOY TV STUDIOS lurks a secret mancave full of rowdy fans, bad adult movies, and a wisecracking hottie named Rachel Perry. Oh yes, we’re talking about the underground comedy haven known as The Stash, which happens to be back on the bunny network with all-new episodes.

In case you’re in need of a refresher, The Stash stirred up a ton of buzz last year for its naked midgets, R-rated smack talking, and $25,000 Porn Pyramid. But that was only the beginning. What really got the uncensored LOLs flowing were those hardcore commercial parodies and comedy commentaries on classic smut films.

Well this March, Playboy TV is bringing it all back and letting Rachel Perry riff without the worry of any ‘TV-PG’ censors. The studio audience have taken their tequila shots, the research team’s pulled new wacky porn moments, and Rachel’s booked even more celebrity guests to “beef up” the punchlines. Trust us, you’ll never watch WET MOMMY RIDERS with a straight face again after seeing it on The Stash!

Take a look at what this season’s got in store with free clips on And make sure to catch the big Stash premiere, Saturday March 10 at 10pm E/P on Playboy TV!