The Reactionary Liberal: The Fat Are Getting Fatter


Anyone who doesn’t understand Occupy Wall Street has his or her head in the sand or is on an extended ocean voyage. People are fed up. They don’t understand why the bankers and Wall Street tycoons responsible for this recession are still walking around nailing down multimillion salaries and bonuses while the people they hurt with their greed work at minimum-wage jobs—if they can even find a job.

The people who were going to retire at the age of 65 have to keep working. The ones who did retire have had to cut back their dreams. And for those who depend on Social Security, 2012 will be the first time in three years they will see any kind of increase—3.6 percent, for an average increase of $43 per month. Some retirees have even had to go back to work. They are living the way they did 45 years ago when they graduated from college and first got married. They knew how to pinch a penny then, and that experience must be called into action now.

The people are fed up with politicians who have no courage to do the right thing. The bureaucrats in Washington are more interested in blaming one another than they are in helping us. They’re unwilling to make an investment in their country. They talk about being able to create jobs, but the Republican-controlled House wants to wait until after the 2012 presidential election.

But why not now? What are they waiting for? Will the election be some magical event wherein suddenly the doors open and the markets open up and people will want to buy stuff so the companies can hire people to make it? And to buy it?
When has there ever been certainty about the future? There has always been faith that one’s house would hold its value, but never certainty. There has been hope that one would find a decent-paying job, but never certainty.

One tried to do his best at work in order to keep his job—but always knew he was dispensable. Couples got married hoping their future together was rosy. No guarantees. “If God’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise” is an old answer to the many questions we have always had.

The Occupy marches are the beginning of a revolution. The leaders of the world economies should take heed. After other recessions in our history, when the large companies recovered, they hired their people back again.

Not this time. Companies are keeping their profits, getting along with fewer employees who are just grateful to have a job. They’re overworked, but lucky. And the top people are smiling all the way to the bank, where lots of money is parked.

Four years ago I bought a certificate of deposit with an annual return of 5.1 percent. It comes due next month and the best rate I can find for four years is 0.2 percent.

Some fat cats are getting fatter.

The governor of Michigan promised voters that by getting rid of certain consumer protection measures businesses would save as much as a billion dollars that would go to hiring new employees. The truth of the matter is that they laid off the workers who implemented those protection programs and pocketed the savings.

Some fat cats are getting fatter.

Give us something we can have faith in. And don’t wait until it’s too late. The time to take action is now, not after the elections.