The Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

We kicked off your week on a “high” note Monday with a great Weekly Chronicle. We talked to Steve DeAngelo from Discovery Channel’s newest reality show “Weed Wars.” Steve is the Executive Director of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA. They treat over 94,000 patients making them the largest cannabis retailer in the entire world! His center houses 250 different items and offers care packages for those with low-income. You can even volunteer for an hour and receive weed as payment! The Harborside Health Center is great for patients seeking treatment and realizes they can be shut down at any time since they are operating in defiance under Federal Law. Talk about always looking over your shoulder. If arrested, Steve could face the death penalty!

Gorgeous Playboy Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg called in Tuesday morning, right before one of her finals at school, to chat with us about Playboy’s Official New Year’s Eve Party that she’ll be hosting along with other Playmate beauties in Chicago.  Get this you, yes YOU, have a chance to party with her! Click here for all the information you need. But back to what our sexy Playmate was really telling us about … her panties! Her underwear update … a hot pink g-string. Turn ON! We’re pretty sure the rest of her classmates aren’t going to do too well on their tests seeing how Jaclyn is such a sexy distraction.

 We continued our morning in our lab coats to try to bust another Sex Myth. Our Guinea-Bunnies Kristin & Sarah joined us to test out this Sex Myth … Do the smells of the holiday season – such as cinnamon & cloves – sexually stimulate women? Our lovely ladies smelled nutmeg, apple cider & cinnamon as Gina read excerpts from Erotic Novels to them. Cinnamon was the clear winner as Kristin jumped from a 5 horny level to a 9!!! Though we think, Gina’s sexy erotica reading was the real reason to making everyone’s horny level go up.

This morning we chatted with Playboy Cyber Girl Dani Dior! She talked about her love for nipples … all types of nipples to be exact. She loves them so much that she tends to play with her own while in public! Not only has this sexy Cyber Girl had sex in the stairwell of her old apartment building but had a threesome with 2 girls in a hot tub in the middle of winter. Three naked girls, snow and a hot tub … now that’s what we’re talking about!

Tom Hanks son Chet Haze joined us Thursday morning to talk about Playboy’s New Years Eve Bash. Chet will be performing as Playboy Playmates host the event. Don’t forget to submit to The Playboy Morning Show your past New Years Eve FAILS for your chance to start 2012 with Playboy. Since this is Chet’s first New Year’s Eve party without his famous parents, we gave him some advice … TRY not to get carried away. What can we say … we do our best to look out for each other! Chet told us that his first run-in with the pages of Playboy was when he was pressured to steal it from his local CVS. Since Chet is such a good guy, he didn’t do it!

Stopping by the studio this morning was beer journalist, Joshua Bernstein who tried to educate us on craft beers. Now, what’s a morning without beer? Not a morning we like, that’s for sure. His book, Brewed Awakening, guides you through the several (and we mean several) different craft breweries around the world.

Comedian Dom Irrera joined us in studio Friday morning and was making us laugh with his hilarious commentary on the Week in Sex. Of course we brought in a stunning Playboy model for Dom to see if he could coach her to be funny. Our Bunny, Allison Sky graced us with the unveiling of her new boobies. Allison made us laugh so Dom, job well done!

We also talked to baseball legend, Pete Rose this morning about his new financial endeavor.  This weekend he will be in Las Vegas selling signed copies of the document that banished him from baseball. Talk about memorabilia! We made sure to see if he was still dating Playboy Cover Model Kiana Kim. Good news, he is! He may have never been to the Playboy Mansion but he gets to come home to a beautiful Playboy Model every night.

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