The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell!

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Friday 1/10/14

Hoo boy! We had a doozy of a show to close out the week, so let’s get r dun…

We started things off by checking in with both of our “Casting Cams,” as it is casting day here at Playboy HQ, which means that tons of ladies are piling into our backstage area. Throughout the show, we’re going to be checking back and possibly bringing in some of them so that the Morning Show can give them their opportunity on the Casting Couch…

Next, we talked with Kennedy Summers over Skype, who is our Miss December 2013, and yet another candidate for our Playmate of the Year search. She was sans attack dog today, and we gotta say, we kinda miss the little guy.

After that, it was time for the Friday Awards, where we looked at the Best Body Part of the Week, with the trophies going to Andrea’s boobs for her Filthy Forecast. Then we took a moment of silence for all the clothing that was cut down before its time this week. Rest in piles, clothes.

Following these shenanigans, we brought in Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show” on VH1Classic, to talk about their show and why they love metal almost as much as they love messing with telemarketers.

After a short break, we brought in Danielle, AshleySasha, and Erika to play a quick round of “Truth or Bare,” where we hear a sexy story and our panel has to guess which girl belongs to the story. If they get picked out of the lineup, they have to lose clothing, and we get to enjoy it.

Finally, we brought in four brand-new, very talented flexible ladies from the casting call to show off their gymnastics skills on our shag carpeting. Well, now it’s shagged carpeting.

Thursday 1/9/14

Happy Thirsty Thursday, ya’ll. You’ve finally gotten over your New Year’s hangover, which means it’s time to start making a new one!

We started things off today by talking with Mr. Skin, who has all the deets on celebrity nudity. How we’ve missed his generous nature and punny ways. Check his site for what to expect in the coming year. See, we can make puns, too.

After that we welcomed in David Koechner, funny comedian and actor best known as Champ from “Anchorman.” David talked with us about his upcoming comedy tour and what it’s like being on set with Will Ferrell. Since Champ’s phrase “Whammy” has become so popular, we decided to try our own, “Panty!” to announce their own sports plays. Let’s just say, we’ll leave it to the pros.


Then, we welcomed in Miss September 2013, Bryiana Noelle, who is one of 12 possible contenders in this year’s Playmate of the Year! It’s a very exciting time for everyone here at Playboy, and to make sure everyone chooses wisely, we played “Who Knows the Playmate’s Breast?” where our Playmate, David, Kevin, and Andrea all get a close-up look a pair of boobs, and they have to guess which month’s issue they appeared in. We even tried to trick Bryiana by showing some very familiar breasts, but she looked down and recognized them pretty quickly.


After a short break, David had to peace out, but Bryiana stuck around to do a Speed Dream Date-off with Kevin and Andrea, where Andrea took her to the beach, and Kevin drove her to a drive-in movie. It really wasn’t much of a contest, and Bryiana liked Andrea’s the best, but you can’t fault Kevin for trying…


To close out the show, we had our sexy models Tawny, Paris, and Bobbi come in and ask questions of our Playmate, to see why she deserves to be this year’s PMOY. It’s gonna be a tight race, folks.


Also! Here’s a pic of all 12 months of our calendar featuring Ali Rose, Sarah, Amber, and Halszka for those of you who want to stay sexy all year long:


Wednesday 1/8/14

It’s hump day, which means… it’s the middle of the week. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Today started with a tease from Lacey Wildd, who will be a guest later in the week, so that we can prepare some questions to ask her. This particular woman has had extensive plastic surgery (she’s knocking things off shelves and tables around her house), and wants to have triple Q breasts next. Yes, you read that right.

After that, we talked on the phone with Lisa Napoli, author of the book “Road to Shangri-La” about her trip to Bhutan where she discover that all of the buildings have dicks drawn all over them. And no, it’s not because they’re a country of teenage boys, it’s because they believe that they ward off demons. It seems like they’re working, right?

We continued on, welcoming in comedian Lil Duval from the MTV2 show “Ain’t That America,” where he and a panel of funny people look at clips from the internet and make fun of them some more. Lil Duval also talked about his favorite countries for hookers and about why doesn’t sleep with anyone under 23 anymore.

We kept Lil Duval in to help us Abuse the News. In this week’s story, an interracial couple found a valet had written “jungle fever” on their card, and they were upset about it. This story was ripe for pun and parody and Kevin, Andrea, and Lil did not disappoint.

After a quick breaky-break our sexy models, ChelseaEmily Rose,Chloe Rayne, and Melissa all came in to play a special “Dick-tionary” round of Chick-tionary, in honor of the people of Bhutan’s beloved anti-demon dick drawing debauchery. As the wheel of body parts was spun, the ladies took up their brushes to do their best to recreate the type of dick on another girl’s body. Who knew there were so many types of dicks? Not us.


Tuesday 1/7/14

Happy First Topless Tuesday of the new year, ladies and gentlemen!

We started things off today with the first of several “Thawing Off With Hotties” tips, where a sexy lady gives you the best ways to stay warm during this extremely cold winter. We checked in with more throughout the show and, who knows, they could even end up saving your life.

After that, we began our interactive #PlayboyPoll over Twitter and the phone lines, to see how men prefer their ladies: in lingerie, in costume, or in the buff. We’ll check back at the very end to see who emerges victorious.

Next, Andrea Titty-picked last night’s BCS championship game, in a Playboy Morning Show first-time post-game pick. Andrea was right, going with FSU, and passed this test of her mettle.

After the break, we talked on Skype with the super sexy cyber girls Kella Dawn and Stefanie Knight, who are currently in places where it is freezing cold (The Midwest and Canada, respectively). We talked to them about keeping warm and what it’s like to be such a hottie in the tundra. After that, we attempted to play “Last Nipple Standing,” where the girls stand outside for a minute each and we see whose nipples can stay erect the longest. Unfortunately, the weather froze up our connections to these beauties, and it seems like we lost them in a white-out. We may need to send out a search party. Or you could just search if you want to see pics… Up to you.

Finally, after many ups and downs, fully nude came out on top in our Playboy Poll, followed by costumes and then lingerie. Can’t say we’re surprised.

Monday 1/6/14

Hello all, and Happy New Year! The Playboy Morning Show is back and ready to kick this year off right, so let’s get to it.

Today began with the first of our couple months of our very own sexy calendar. We did the work, so all you have to do is take the pictures and make the calendar yourself. So maybe not all the work… Anyway, we ran through each month throughout the show so that you have something nice to look instead of just stupid numbers in boxes.

After that, Andrea ran us through an old favorite, the Filthy Forecast! Today’s lucky city is Boston, which looks to be pretty chilly, but Andrea kept it hot, hot, hot.

We also had our beautiful models Ali Rose, Halszka, Sarah, and Amber come in and get some of their Lez-olutions for the new year out of the way early. Who says nobody ever sticks to those?

We took a short break, and then we continued our super sexy calendar, and talked to Layla Martin from She teaches a six-week course on how to have amazing, more explosive orgasms, so if you forgot someone sexy on your Christmas list, this might make for a good make-up gift… Just sayin’.

Finally, in celebration of Kevin’s birthday on the first of this year, some naked girls brought him cake and danced around. But let’s be honest, it’s kinda like his birthday is every day.