The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell!


Friday 12/6/13

Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is here, and it’s time to officially stop caring.

We started things off by watching Andrea go to town on a banana. Enough said.

After that, we talked with Robin Leach on Skype about the goings-on in Vegas this weekend. If you like NASCAR, cowboys, or Holli Madison, be sure to check out his website for more!

Next, we read some e-mails sent to us from you, the fans. One of our sexy new models, Dani, came in to read your words out loud to Kevin and Andrea. Be sure to keep those e-mails coming, and you might even have yours read on the air.

Following that, we welcomed in heartthrob Shane West, from the CW show “Nikita,” and talked to him about what it’s like being every girl’s first big crush. “Nikita” is airing its final episodes Fridays, so watch it before it’s gone forever.


We took a short break, and then it was time for the Friday Awards! We celebrated the hair moment of the week, with the Muff-stache shaving taking home the golden trophy.

Finally, we had our sexy models, Dani, Leia, and Kat open one more gift from under our tree, and it was the gift… of fun. They hid in the box and played a game of hide and seek with their bras, making everyone smile like only Christmas time can.


Thursday 12/5/13

Happy Thirst-day, folks! We had a lot going on today, so let’s get to it.

We began things as most Thursdays begin here in the Mini Mansion, with a chat with Mr. Skin. Skin’s list of the top 10 nude scenes from all of 2013. Whoa. There are some serious doozies on here, so be sure to hit up and check them out. Maybe a few times.

After that, we welcomed in Janae and Ben Peterson, who were in to show off their holiday line of sexy negligee. Our super hot models Carolyn, Heather, Erika, and Jamie came in to show off a snowman set, candy cane set, sexy elf, sexy santa, and even some light-up “stud” boxers for the gentlemen. ‘Tis the season.







We took a short break and then we spoofed a viral K-mart ad the only way we know how: by adding boobs to make it better. We didn’t disappoint and… well, sometimes pictures say more than words:



Finally, we continued our present unwrapping, and the ladies picked a gift that they had to get into… and then switch panties. These models sure know their stuff when it comes to quick changes in small enclosed spaces. Don’t get your hopes up that you’ll find anything as sexy under your tree, unless you’ve been REALLY good this year.


Wednesday 12/4/13

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll. Let’s get to brass tacks.

Today we started things off with a rousing round of STATUE TALK with Kevin and Andrea. If you haven’t heard, there’s some controversy over which Statue of Liberty (the one on Ellis Island or the one in Vegas) was used on an American stamp. The one in Vegas is definitely sexier, but we thought we could do one better, so we had our resident French chick Ruby try on our green pointy headdress and torch to become the sexiest Statue of Liberty to date.


After that, it was time for another Naughty or Nice battle, with the Howe twins coming in to serve as Emily Rose’s devil and angel and convince us as to whether her story is naughty or nice. After much, MUCH deliberation, it was determined that Emily belongs up on the naughty list with Andrea.




We took a short break, and then it was time to welcome in our guest for the day, comedian Damien Fahey, who is the former host of TRL on MTV, and now hosts radio shows here in LA, as long as contributing to things like online. We played one of our favorite games, Name That Alleged Perv, with Damien, and his perv-recognition skills were put to the test.

Damien’s true talent lies in his hilarious tweets (be sure to follow him, you won’t regret it), and so we thought it would be appropriate to play Top Tweets vs. Top Teats. Our models came back into the studio to try and distract Damien while he came up with a brilliant tweet right there on the spot. Just under the wire, he got it in, and proved that he’s up there with the best tweeters in the universe. That’s one of the internet’s most prestigious honors.




Tuesday 12/3/13

It’s Tuesday, time to unwrap another fabulous Playboy Morning Show!


We started things off today by talking with Lisa about a recent story that happened to her… and our other models Lauren and Carrie were her devil and angel, who debated whether her story was naughty or nice. Eventually, it was decided that having a three-way and keeping the film all to yourself was nice, so she can expect something good from Santa this year…


After that, it was time to unwrap one of our presents from under our gorgeous little tree. Lauren came in to pick her prize, and while she unwrapped her gift, Lisa unwrapped Lauren… and then herself, because Christmas is about giving as well as receiving. Lauren’s gift turned out to be peppermint panties! How festive. She modeled them for us and then Lisa started eating them off. If you ask us, that’s way better than a candy cane.


Next, we talked about the upcoming January/February double issue of Playboy and how we can expect a real treat for our beloved magazine’s 60th anniversary. Our centerfold will be none other than supermodel Kate Moss! Be sure to look out for that later this month, and in the mean time, peek at our December issue.

After a short break, we welcomed in someone else who’s featured in next year’s double issue of Playboy, comic writer Joe Casey. Joe and his partners are behind some seriously successful cartoon franchises, and he has a new comic book called “Sex” out now. Joe shared with us some of his wisdom about the history of sex in comics, and we even pitched him our own idea for an extra-graphic novel: Super Pubes. He says he’s never heard a bad idea for a comic, and that today is no exception, so we’re inclined to believe him.


Lastly, we haven’t forgotten our Jewish friends in the audience who are celebrating Hannukkah. To prove that we’re down with the tribe as much as any other group, we played one of our favorite games: Strip Dreidel! Our sexy models came back into the studio and spun the top and lost their tops in a game steeped in tradition here in the Mini Mansion. Mazel tov, everyone!



Monday 12/2/13

Hello, world! We are back from our week off, and ready to get into the holiday spirit. We’ve got some gifts from our magazine under the tree, and will be adding more as the month continues.


To start things off, it is Cyber Monday, so we talked with our first of two Skype girls, Shantal. We’re checking out our “sales” on these ladies, with them going anywhere from 50-100% clothing off!

Next, we checked in with our Muff-vember ladies one last time. Tawny was in the studio and Mariela joined us on Skype to give us their final results, which happened to be pretty good. We may have just started another trend… But! It is December now, and as such, we had Gigi help Tawny shave that ‘stash in the shower. Until next year, Muff-stashers.

After that, we played a game based on people’s inclinations to show you pictures of their Thanksgiving turkeys. It’s called Turkey or Jerky, and we have to guess whether a close-up shot is of a beautiful model or a fine Thanksgiving feast. Here’s a pro tip: nobody cares what your turkey looked like.

We took a quick break, and then talked with Stephanie, our second Cyber Monday sexy Skype chick, who went all the way 100% (clothing) off! God bless us, everyone.

Finally, we welcomed in Bobbie Brown, video vixen from the Warrant music video “Cherry Pie.” She’s got a new book out called “Dirty Rocker Boys,” and it’s full of crazy drug-fueled rock ‘n roll stories, so be sure to check it out. Since she is responsible for sexualizing a whole dessert, we wanted to play some Musical Cherry Pies. We had our models come into the studio blindfolded and play musical chairs, but a few chairs were filled with cherry pie. It’s a sticky situation.


Last but not least, it was time for the ceremonial lighting of the Playboy Morning Show Holiday Tree. And what a glorious sight it was.