The Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

We got back to work Monday morning with sex & ice cream! Aphrodisiac Ice Cream owners Jacqueline & Justin joined us to talk about how they came up with this genius idea. Jacqueline, who just happens to be a Playboy Girl of Golf, was the brains behind the idea when she had a craving for ice cream at 4am & thought how great it would be if there were HOT girls serving ice cream to those stumbling out of night clubs. She mentioned it to her boyfriend Justin and he ran with it! These two erotic ice cream lovers are sexing up America one scoop at a time and hopefully will soon serve booze induced ice cream drinks. We approve! Right now, the Aphrodisiac Ice Cream Truck is cruising on the streets of Miami with HOT women and we hope they travel to the Mini Mansion soon. Did we mention that this Adult Friendly Ice Cream Truck that has stripper poles on it? Well it does! And we couldn’t more jealous of Miami.

Gorgeous Playboy Playmate Miss July 2008 Laura Croft chatted with us this Tuesday morning about her new sexy passion … Night School 4 Girls! Laura is the perfect face for this amazing new attraction, since she not only lives Vegas but is always partying. Bachelorette’s listen up! This is a NO BOYS ALLOWED school that allows you to get down & dirty while learning the art of stripping, burlesque & pole dancing. These naughty classes encourage stiff cocktails & makes for a great excuse to get crazy sexy! Don’t worry ladies, Kevin’s idea of a two-way mirror “guys spy” package is not something that will happen.

We had another great morning in the Mini Mansion Wednesday! Playboy Playmate of the Year 2002 Dalene Kurtis called in this morning while wearing a little, tight, pink, nipple showing tank top & booty shorts! She’s a Tan-bassador for Hollywood Tans and wants to encourage you to keep your body & mind sexy.  Nothing is hotter than naked women getting sprayed tanned and knowing that gorgeous girls use their tanning bed time for a personal game of “Beat the Bulbs.” We think we gave our PMOY Dalene a great idea to run with when she gets naked for her next tanning session.

We also welcomed sexy, big breasted beauty Erica DuFour into the Mini Mansion Wednesday & man, were we AMAZED by her fantastic 34E boobies! She is one horny hottie, so horny that she once started having sex in a BMW and ended up finishing in the back of a Range Rover! We couldn’t be more proud. Erica was put to the horny test this morning, as we challenged our listeners to come up with things that wouldn’t normally turn a girl on to see if she in some way can turn it into something that would get her going. Let’s just say, there wasn’t anything that didn’t turn her on but that might have been because Erica & Andrea kept exchanging lustful looks at each other.  We didn’t mind either way!

Things got really hot & heavy Thursday! It started getting steamy in the Mini Mansion the moment Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week Sarah Jane returned to the show. We first met her a few years back when we played Strip Guitar Hero & now she’s aCyber Girl! It’s so great to see our girls grow into the Playboy Family. Sarah not only loves being naked but she can save your life at the same time. Seriously, her fulltime job is being a lifeguard and a swim instructor. In fact, she saved the lives of two ”18-year-old” girls, who in our minds were only wearing bikinis while she was on vacation for Spring Break. Keeping with the theme of doing great things on Spring Break, we found out that she lost her virginity during her time off school.

After we got all worked up with Cyber Girl Sarah Jane, singer/actor Tyrese joined us in studio to really get the girls going. Just his voice got the girls turned on. His new CD “Open Invitation” (uhmm…in stores now) is all about sexing up the woman in your life. He played Andrea a few songs of his new album “Make Love,” “Stay” and “Best of Me.” Andrea had to remove her jacket because she was getting all hot & bothered, but then again all the girls on the show were. Tyrese shared with us that he’s made a few women cry when they orgasm & has made ladies legs quiver making them weak in the knees. Literally, one fan collapsed and crawled to Tyrese’s feet at a CD signing event. Guys, definitely get this album if you want to get it on! It’s an instant turn on!

It was a crazy sexy Veteran’s Day 11/11/11 party Friday morning in the Mini Mansion! From the “Big Island” of Hawaii IRATION came in studio to talk about their success on the “Main Land.”  They are currently finishing up their ‘Lei’d Back Fall Tour’ before they head back home to Hawaii. They treated us to an acoustic performance of “No Time” & “Turn Around” all we can say is AMAZING!


Cooper Hefner also stopped by to visit us this morning. It’s been awhile since the last time we had him in the Mini Mansion playing Chicktionary that today felt like a mini family reunion. We know, he missed us! Cooper talked about what’s going on behind the scenes of Playboy, by that we mean, he responded with “exciting things are happening.” He also told us that he’s played a lot of pranks on Playboy Mansion Security newbie’s and has officially recruited Kevin to help in his next prank.



We continued our Veteran’s Day 11/11/11 celebration with more IRATION in studio and HOT Playboy Models! Kristin Ways & Karly May joined us for a fun round of Know It or Show It: Military Edition. In honor of our men and women who have served and who serve, clothing was removed from our gorgeous gals just for you!


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