The Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

Monday morning, sexy Anchor from The Onion News Network Brooke Alvarez (aka Suzanne Sena) joined us in the Mini Mansion. She was a lot of fun to have on the show! Not to mention stare at. Suzanne ha made her mark in journalism from reporting for E!, EXTRA, CBS News in Dallas, FOX News to now … The Onion News Network. So if you don’t like your news so seriously, be sure to check out how HOT Suzanne’s alter ego Brooke is, oh, and how funny she is too.  Apparently, “Brooke” can come out and play at any time, even when she gets intimate. Suzanne admitted to us that she once laughed at kid who was about to get crushed by elevator doors. “Brooke” also came ready to show off her news skills … Click here to hear Brooke show up Andrea’s Lowell Down! Check her out Tuesdays 10pm ET/PT on IFC.

Things got hot & heavy Tuesday morning. We conducted our own focus group with our beautiful Playboy Models, RadioMate Dani Mathers & our newest RadioMate Miss October Megan Medellin. Things got pretty interesting when we went over the 40 Things Guys Do WRONG In Bed! Read closely boys here are the highlights …


BLOWING IN HER EAR … Don’t! A simple hot breath in her ear does the trick.


BITING HER NIPPLES … YES!!! Pay attention to her to know just how hard she likes it. Trust us, she’ll let you know.


GIVING HER A WEDGIE DURING FOREPLAY … Can be hot if you’re admiring her vajay through her panties. Definitely NOT ok to give her a man-made camel toe flossing.


LOOKING AT HER WHEN YOUR DOWN THERE … Don’t, it’s creepy! When women only see your eyes it can be a BIG turn off. So don’t pull a “Wilson” next time your pleasuring your lady.


After all the advice, we officially crowned our October RadioMate with the traditional passing of the Mic from Dani’s boobs to Megan’s boobs. Once the mic was passed we got our RadioMate’s naked and did our RadioMate photo shoot with our sexy resident photographer Krystle Lina!!! FUN RADIOMATE FACT: Dani & Megan hooked up while at Camp Playboy! Their hook up wasn’t for the cameras, in fact, they started making out while in bed together and the camera crew caught wind of the action so they rushed in to film the naughty hook up. TURN ON!!!

Gorgeous Playboy Co-Ed Kinsey Elizabeth called us Wednesday morning to get things sexy. So sexy that she was calling us NAKED & shared with us her college threesome experience! However, regular caller Cookie Monster completely took over the interview. Cookie pretended to be the “Dean”of Kinsey’s college, Virginia Common Wealth University, so that he could talk to her. Very sneaky Cookie! Good thing Kinsey has a great sense of humor. Check out more of Kinsey’s naked pictures in Playboy’s Cyber Club!

From one sexy girl to two more sexy girls! Playboy Models Lauren Elise & Sandy Garza  joined us in studio Wednesday for some Know It or Show It fun. Before we quizzed them we found out that Sandy had sex in the break room of a tire store with a mechanic and her favorite sexual position is the sideways scissor with a guy. When Lauren came in studio she shared her first booty call experience, which was just last week! She met a fellow poet & that night/early the next morning, 4am early, she text him and went to his place. She got what she wanted and left. Talk about a woman in control! After we caught up with our Playboy beauties, we quizzed them on …

  • After Losing All Their Money in the Stock Market, Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch Occupied Sesame Street. Questions about Famous Streets.
  • You Can Tell When Siri Has an Orgasm because She Yells I-I-I-iPhone! Things That Start with “I”
  • The Pumpkin Patch is Open for Business and it Looks Like Gina’s Not Wearing Any Undies. Questions about Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Events.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to get the girls completely naked but at least Sandy removed two articles of clothing!

Hosts of Playboy Radio En Espanol’s Las Horas Picantes, Alexis Amore & Ann Marie Rios stopped by to talk sexy Spanish to us Thursday morning. They informed us that before they became co-hosts, they had sex with one another. Talk about chemistry! Be sure to listen to them get hot and heavy with topics about quickies and morning sex, not to mention to hear about their “Chonies”! These hot Latinas bring their sexy voices to SiriusXM Channel 569, Monday through Friday 4pm-7pm PST. Es muy caliente!


Sexy Sex Ed Teacher Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion Friday to give us all a lesson on “Role Playing.” It was very educational! We learned that there are many Role Playing categories, for instance … Age Play, Hospital Play, Uniform Play and much much more. She also taught us a good rule to have when Role Playing … Always have a SAFE WORD or if you’re unable to speak, have a tap out understanding. Can’t wait till our next Sex Ed class with Miss Sofia Love.

Gorgeous Playboy model Leslie Augustine also stopped by the Mini Mansion this morning and brought her mom along. So of course we had to bring her mom in studio with Leslie! We found out that Mrs. Augustine was once approached to be a Playboy Bunny & is very open. After getting to know mom & model Leslie, we played a little game of Who Knows Who Better! Kind of like the Newlywed Game. We asked our Playboy Model Leslie & our Playboy Model Mom the following …

  • Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?
  • What’s your favorite sexual position?
  • How far have you gone with another woman?
  • What type of panties are you wearing?
  • How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Turns out that our amazing Playboy Model Mom knows her daughter better & Leslie learned a naughty thing or two about her mom!

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