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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are back on air! Monday we kicked off 2012 the sexiest way we know hot… with HOT Playboy Models! We chatted with the first Cyber Girl of the week for 2012, Ariana Leigh. She called us while lying naked in her bed (note: see below, she tweeted us a sexy pictured of herself between the sheets).

We learned a lot about Miss Ariana, for instance light jazz turn her on, she is more attracted to women and starts every day with a pleasure session. After getting to know our Cyber Girl, we challenged her to a Sexy Scavenger Hunt. Since she was talking to us while naked, Andrea made her put on her sexiest pair of panties, Kevin made her go to the freezer and put an ice-cube in her panties and Andrea had her jump on her bed topless! TURN ON!

With 2012 here, we had Playboy Models Crissy Henderson and Hollie Rochelle join us in the Mini Mansion to state their LEZ-olutions! Hollie’s LEZ-olution… A threesome with Playboy PMOY Sara Jean Underwood and Hollywood Hottie Megan Fox. Crissy’s LEZ-olution… A hot girl-on-girl erotic massage that leads into full on sex. To make these LEZ-olutions contractually binding, we made the girls take BOOB OATHS! That’s right! We had Hollie and Crissy place their hands on each other’s breasts while swearing that they will complete their LEZ-olutions in 2012!

Tuesday, we came to the aid of Playboy Model Megan Dills! Megan is a self-described “die-hard Kentucky fan” and after we found out she was injured after the Kentucky vs. Indiana College Basketball game, we had to make sure her sexy body was OK. Here’s what happened. When Indiana fans rushed the court after a three-point buzzer beater to defeat Kentucky, poor Megan was trampled on! Resulting in a sprained ankle & torn tendons forcing her to cancel a sexy lingerie photo shoot. Now we’re not picking sides but come on people, if there is a HOT girl cheering on her team, and enjoy the view! Megan told us, while wearing a white t-shirt without panties, that her injuries are healing and will be rescheduling her sexy photo shoot soon. YEAH! It’s a good thing her sex life wasn’t harmed and she can go back to enjoying four wheeler sex!

Playboy Special Edition Model Raquel Reese called us from her bathtub Tuesday morning! Since it was 9 degrees in Wisconsin, where she was, she decided to get warm by jumping into a nice hot bubble bath. We learned that she loves to play with herself while in the tub! Raquel also told us that her sexual specialty is oral and was told she was too HOT for her past job as a Funeral Director Apprentice. We agree!

Sexy Playboy Models Desiree Claire and Miss Bodhi joined us in the Mini Mansion Wednesday for some Trampoline Trivia fun! The two girls competed against each other to see who knew more than the other.

So as the girls took off their tops and bounced up and down on our in studio trampoline, we asked them 5 general questions. Since the girls tied, we had them get on the trampoline together for a Bumper Boobs Tie Breaker! Trust us… Bumper Boobs is the best way to break a tie. Desiree was the winner but realistically we were all winners!

P.S. The lucky guys in the picture (above) are our dedicated Military Men who stopped by and took advantage of our Military Open Door policy! Thank you boys for your service!

Thursday we continued our sexy week with Playboy’s Co-ed of the Week, Kylee Noel. Kylee told us that she’s had quite a few sexual activities on the football field at Ole Miss and was bent over an Ole Miss statue! Now boys, her sex acts all started with her talking to the guy while sitting on a sideline bench on the field. See it does pay off to listen! We also found out that she knows NFL Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton! Now, she wouldn’t comment as to how ‘well’ she knows Cam, but thanks to Andrea and Kevin’s “journalistic” talents it was definitely implied that Kylee did more than just hang out with him at a friend’s house. Kudos to Kylee!

Our week ended with more thrills and excitement as we talked to the World’s Most Dangerous Publisher, Peder Lund from Paladin Press! Check his article our in the current issue of Playboy on page 131. This guy is responsible for books like … The Ultimate Sniper and The History of Sniping and Sharpshooting, Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, Homemade C-4: A Recipe for Survival, Be Your Own Undertaker: How to Dispose of a Dead Body, The Poor Man’s James Bond and Silencers for Hand Firearms.

Peder’s publication of The Ultimate Sniper, has made the most money and in his opinion contains the best information. The book Hit Man, however, is surrounded by controversy involving a 3 year lawsuit that settled for 6 million big ones. Though most of his books are controversial, his publishing company Paladin Press receive a lot of mail from Military, police, FBI and other government branches thanking them for their publications.

Gorgeous girl Michaela joined us in the Mini Mansion this morning to be the first to try out our HOT SEAT! Literally, we had this sexy model sit in a chair that got hotter and hotter while it vibrated as we questioned her about her sexual past! It was amazing! We learned that she had sex in a in a bathroom at a Yoga Studio while a class was in session, she bungee jumped topless once and was constantly having her boobs grabbed in her sorority house by her sisters.

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